• Best Ways To Shrink Nasal Polyps

    If you were under impression that only surgery can get rid of nasal polyps then you need to know that there are several other methods that you can look at before going for the surgery. A lot of details regarding nasal polyps is covered at www.nasalpolypstreatmentmiracles.com

    We all fear surgery because it is painful and can often put you out of action for a few days if not for weeks and months. This is why we should try to avoid this option. 

    And for polyps there is no guarantee that the problem won’t resurface after it is removed surgically. If the underlying cause is not corrected then it may appear again after being removed with surgery.

    Look at some of the feedback online and you will know that a large percentage of patients have reported that their polyps reappeared after few months of surgery.

    The best way to shrink the polyps is to try out some of the easy remedies like the nasal spray.  This is what a doctor is going to suggest most likely. It would be nasal drops or drops or some kind of steroid called prednisone.

    The doctor may tell you to try one of these or a combination. If could be the nasal spray and the steroid or perhaps any other combination. This will help in reducing the inflammation and thus lower the discomfort being caused.

    Actually even before you try any of the steroids or sprays it may be a good idea to use a nasal irrigation system to clear the nasal lining of debris and irritants if any. The nasal irrigation system can be purchased at a drug store.

    Regular use of the irrigation system will help you to breathe better and several things may improve. For example you may be able to do your workouts better and or you may be able to sleep much better.

    Remember that better breathing means better supply of oxygen to the cells and this in turn means better quality of life.

    Another cool way to treat polyps would be to try the natural remedies. If fact many people use natural remedies like tea tree oil as the first line of treatment. This oil is known to help in treating many ailments like pimples, acne and several others.

    Best Ways To Shrink Nasal Polyps

    Before you start using this oil for nasal polyps you need to dilute it with water. Direct use of tea tree oil will hurt and can be very strong. So add some pure water to a few drops of tea tree oil.

    Use a cotton swab to apply the mix to the polyps. If cotton swab does not work then you can use a spray bottle for spraying this mix inside the nasal passage.

    Sometimes all the home remedies may not work for you and you may run out of ideas then it is better to a doctor before the pain and swelling gets worse. There is nothing to fear about because polyps very rarely can lead into something fatal. But don’t ignore the problem.

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